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Staying afloat with KB’s during COVID-19

Published online: Sep 14, 2020 Articles, Dining
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Javier Serva first joined the Ketchum Burrito (KB’s) team in 2007 as a dishwasher. From there he moved onto cashiering, cooking and eventually buying and managing the establishment. Serva witnessed KB’s pull through the Great Recession in 2008 and is now absorbing the impact of COVID-19.

Without a drive-through, times have been tough, perhaps even more difficult than they were during the economic downfall of 2008. With the number of restrictions due to fear of spread of the pandemic, many people have stopped eating out. Still, Serva and his team are pushing forward to offer the best service and freshly made foods to the Idaho Falls community.

“The reason I do this is because I fell in love with what I do. We offer really high quality options. And I was in love with the business model before we bought the business,” Javier Serva shared. KB’s uses fresh ingredients daily, a rare model for restaurants with affordable prices, but Serva balances both.

Keeping up with fresh ingredients daily is a tiresome task, but one Serva enjoys because he likes to know what both he and his customers are consuming on a daily basis. As a health nut, Serva pays a special amount of attention to the quality of ingredients his restaurant uses in their meals.

“We care about customers and what they put in them and what they put in the mouth,” Serva said. “The food is healthy, it's fresh and it's a really high quality value.We really care for what we're doing. We just don't sell food. We sell our time.”

Of course, the No. 1 thing KB’s is known for is its burritos. Options include classics like the Ketchum Burrito and Boise Burrito or a build-your-own burrito to pack in all of the flavors you’re craving. KB’s is also extremely vegan friendly with a wide selection of meatless burrito options.


Taco Tuesday

Is Taco Tuesday a tradition in your family? If not, then it’s never too late to start! Every Tuesday after 5 p.m., KB’s offers any three tacos for $8.99, as well as live performances. Don’t miss your chance to indulge with the entire family.


For More Information

Ketchum Burrito (KB’s)

3000 S 25th E

208-523-5958 //


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