The Most Wonderful Time

Published online: Aug 11, 2020 Emily FitzPatrick
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or at least, that’s what a commercial claimed when I was in elementary school. Every year, right before school this song with adjusted lyrics to fit the back-to-school season would ring throughout our house and I would run to hide under the nearest object I could find - the dining room table, a sofa, a leftover box, any hiding spot to escape the tune calling me out of summer bliss.

I wasn’t a dramatic child at all.

There was nothing that could be done to escape the new school year. The end of August meant returning back to the classroom, whether I chose to accept it or not. I chose to go with “not” until my parents were pulling up to the front of school the first day to drop me off. To call the transition from home to school painful would be an understatement for poor little eight-year-old me. But like all kids my age, I survived it. 

I like to think I even conquered those years in the public school system, ramming through every obstacle with the stubbornness of a mule. Extra work to get through math courses? Ram. Dealing with that one punk who runs his mouth in class? Ram. Eating subpar cafeteria food for who knows how many years? Ram.

But the truth is I was less than graceful. My mule was probably more of a newborn colt stumbling all across the lawn. Years later, I realized everyone around me felt the exact same way. 

Education isn’t just about booksmarts, it’s learning to navigate life and the journey doesn’t end once you toss your cap in the air and walk off campus for the last time. It continues forever.

The most wonderful time of the year isn’t limited to August or even December. It’s every day we get up, strap on our boots (or heels) and get to work. 

In this issue of Idaho Falls Magazine you’ll find everything from information about upcoming events to what’s new in education. Whether you’re looking for information to enhance your family’s learning experience or fun for the entire family we know you’ll find something in this issue to make this year the most wonderful time. 


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