Taking Off the Mask

Published online: Jun 01, 2020 Articles Emily FitzPatrick
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Conflict brings out the worst and the best of human beings. As your resource for good news in eastern Idaho, we like to focus on the best. During COVID-19, people have come out of the woodwork to offer a variety of services from hand-making masks to donating food to the local food bank to reaching out and taking care of their elderly neighbors.

Although one never wishes for a global pandemic, it has been heartening to watch families draw close together as they are forced to stay at home together for days to weeks on end. With normal group activities restricted, families have gotten increasingly creative with the ways in which they choose to spend their time. Some have started to check certain hikes off their bucket lists while others have joined their children as guest stars on TikTok (an app that allows people to post short videos for the entire world to enjoy, not unlike YouTube). Videos have even surfaced of loved ones driving by the homes of friends with birthdays or holding signs outside nursing homes to demonstrate their love.

Parents have taken on dual roles of teachers and caregivers, workers and do-gooders, with startling grace. As someone who has no little ones in my home (unless you count a puppy), I admire caregivers adjusting to a new environment. 

In April, CDC guidelines were updated to recommend that everyone wear masks when in public places. Many took this as well as social distance guidelines in stride, adjusting their livelihoods to better serve the public and keep each other safe. 

This month’s special section is dedicated to our Family Fun Guide. At the magazine, we prepare content for print months before it hits shelves, so there’s no telling how the articles we’ve dedicated our time to will age. We consider the majority of the content we create at Idaho Falls Magazine to be timeless, but recent events have changed what qualifies to fit under that label.

Whether or not the events and activities we’ve included in this issue will come to fruition is something we’re unable to predict, but I can tell you that one day soon we will be able to take off our masks. 


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