June Sneak Peak

Published online: May 19, 2020 Articles
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Are you looking forward to our June issue? It should be hitting your mailbox any day now! Here are just a few of our favorite quotes:

My 37 years in baseball have taught me that rain delays happen. We may not expect them, and we may not know how long they will last, but eventually the storm will pass. And when the storm passes, there are no sweeter words to hear than “Play Ball.” 

Kevin Greene

President and General Manager

Idaho Falls Chukars

The other day someone called me, a new customer, and he had a question about the milk, what we feed the cow and how we take care of them. He said, “Who can I talk to that really knows?” And I was able to say, “I'm the owner. I answered the phone. So this is about as good as you get.” That's the benefit of dealing with the local business here. It's just one phone call to get to the top. So overall, it's just being part of the community and helping each other out.

Alan Reed

Owner and Receptionist

Reed’s Dairy

The Ccara llama was everything to [people in South America]. It was their buses, their planes, their rail cars, their semis, their taxes. That’s how they transported everything. They were bred to do one specific job which was pack for thousands of years. They’re really good at it and they take right to it.

Beau Baty

Outfitter and Owner

Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas


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