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Published online: Apr 08, 2020 Articles, East Idaho Outdoors
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Are you looking for a way to make the most of your time while hitting trails, parks, and more this summer? A specialized ebike is the way to go if you’re looking to cover more land than you ever have before. 

The new Specialized Turbo is only available in town at Bill’s Bike and Run. The bike weighs a total of 26 pounds and is powered by a magnesium motor. The bike has a 80-mile range, covering 28 miles per an hour. 

“This will certainly change the world and the road world and the gravel world,” shared Doug Swanson, owner of Bill’s Bike and Run. “You're talking an 80 mile range on that bike, which is crazy. There's a reserve battery that is TSA certified too. So you can pack this bike, throw it in any battery and make it through TSA and you can take it with you.”

Case-in-point: A 73 year-old cyclist recently visited Bill’s Bike and Run. The man used to bike between 40 and 50 miles three times a week. After purchasing a new ebike, this older gentleman was able to ride over 300 miles during a three-week vacation he took to Palm Springs. Purchasing an ebike changed everything for him just as it does for many other customers, Swanson said.

Biking allows you to explore new heights, and truly enjoy the outdoors, instead of wondering if you will make it through the ride. Visit Bill’s Bike and Run to get a bike specifically customized to meet your needs. Biking might feel out of your reach if you’ve struggled to be active previously, but ebiks are a whole new ballgame, providing everyone equal content to the great outdoors.


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