A Timeless Celebration on the Slopes

Warren Miller's 70th feature film set for Nov. 1 at the Colonial Theater

Published online: Oct 15, 2019 Discover Idaho Falls: Parks and Recreation, East Idaho Outdoors, Family Fun Guide
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Year after year, ski and snowboard enthusiasts of all ages look forward to the coming of winter. This fall, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) confirms that the joys of winter are eternal, with its 70th full-length feature film, Timeless.

The presentation is set for Nov. 1, 7:30 p.m. at the Colonial Theater.

Much of the world has changed since Warren Miller started making ski films in 1949, but the passion of snowriders across the globe has stayed the same. Timeless emulates the enduring spirit of winter and gives a deserving nod to the past seven decades of ski cinematography.

“It’s incredible, looking at the fact that this is number 70,” says narrator Jonny Moseley. “Every year I still get that same feeling I got when I was a kid watching ski movies. I enjoy watching them now more than ever, and that is what Timeless celebrates.”

Details: warrenmiller.com


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