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Creativity runs wild at the WAC through July

Published online: Jul 09, 2019 Articles, Education And Arts, Family Fun Guide
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Got some spare time away from your midsummer adventures for a little in-town art exercise? Creativity is running wild Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. at the Willard Arts Center with Planet Arts! These $3 art classes are set for every Wednesday. The program is geared to kids ages 5-9.

Here are the details from your friendly neighborhood Idaho Falls Arts Council:

July 10
Sea Turtles in the Ocean - This is not your average turtle. Use watercolor paints to create a watery background for your turtle to swim in. Then, create an outrageous turtle shell on a paper plate. We will glue fins and a head to the shell before we add it to our background.

July 17
If I was a Bug... - We will first take a close look at some interesting bugs: bugs that use camouflage, bugs with beautiful colors, and ones that are just strange! We will talk about symmetry and things that help them survive. Then, students will make up their very own bug. While thinking about what their bug “superpower” would be and where the bug might live to help them blend in. The bug should be symmetrical but other than that, anything goes!

July 24
Mosaic Tiles - In this class we will talk about what a mosaic is and look at some examples. We will also talk about contrasting colors and design. Students will the use small pieces of paper to create their own mosaic on a tile. Once the pieces are assembled we will seal the tile with Modge Podge.

July 31
Recycled Art Dinosaur Sculpture - In this class we will look at dinosaurs of all kinds! Big ones, flying ones, spiky ones, and swimming ones. We will talk about recycled art and ways to construct our dinosaur sculptures. Students will pick a dinosaur or two to make and start work on their sculpture using a variety of items such as cardboard tubes, pinecones, egg cartons and paper plates. The sculpture will need a strong base and some creativity to make these everyday items into a masterpiece!

August 7
Torn Paper Landscapes - In this class we will talk about perspective: things that are closer to us are bigger, while things that are further away look smaller. We will paint a sky with watercolor crayons. Then, we will add texture to two different shades of green paper, rip them in half and glue them to our sky paper. Students will pick an animal or a plant to add to their landscape.

Source: Idaho Falls Arts Council. For more classes and programs, visit


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