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2019 online study puts Idaho on top for home ownership

Published online: Jun 06, 2019 Articles, East Idaho Business, Home And Garden
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Looks like Idaho has retained its crown from as the most desirable state in the union for homeowners.

Here’s what the ranking had to say about us:

Idaho is the best state for homeowners for the second-straight year. The Gem State saw a price-per-square-foot increase of 12.12% from 2017 to 2018, the second-highest rate in the top 10, which could indicate the state is growing more desirable and attracting new residents. Median property taxes are just $1,408, the third-lowest in the top 10 of our study, and place Idaho in the top 15 for this metric in the study overall. But it’s important to note that it does also have the second-highest average closing cost in the top 10, at $2,023. And the real estate price per square foot in this state, at $161, is the fourth-lowest rate for this metric in the top 10, and ranks 20th-highest in the study overall.

--Ben Geler

Other top states are also similar to the 2018 rankings, with Utah coming in second, followed by South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

SmartAsset considered nine metrics in its study, including average price per square foot, the one-year percentage change in value per square foot, median- value-to-median-income ratio, foreclosures per 10,000 homes, average effective property tax rate, median annual property taxes, average closing costs, average homeowners insurance costs and burglary rates.

For more results, check out the full SmartAsset report here.


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