Striking Out Breast Cancer

Chukars team up with local providers for annual awareness campaign

Published online: Aug 30, 2018 Articles, East Idaho Health Steve Smede
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Topics like cancer can be more than a little uncomfortable to talk about.

Topics like baseball – not so much.

 Combining what might seem like odd bedfellows actually makes perfect sense. The uniting language of sports helps draw people together, especially for a worthy cause.

 In support of ongoing efforts to “bat away” the catastrophic effects of cancer, the Idaho Falls Chukars are once again teaming up with local sponsors for 2018 with a special cancer awareness nights at Melaleuca Field. The first one took place this summer on July 10. Another special game night is scheduled for Sept. 4, which is specifically set aside for breast cancer awareness.

 For the summer game against Helena, the Chukars donned newly designed, limited edition, Breast Cancer Awareness jerseys, each displaying the names of individuals who have battled with any cancer and have either died or survived.

 On Sept. 4 for the Chukars home series game against Ogden, Teton Radiology will be returning as a sponsor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Night with 500 free T-shirts and tickets.

 According to, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer. The chance that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about 1 in 36 (about 3 percent). Death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1989, with larger decreases in women younger than 50. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatment.

There are many ways that people can support cancer awareness. According to the Chukars, the simplest act of support is the purchase of BCA fundraising tickets and cancer awareness jerseys. All proceeds go back to supporting agencies and their programs.

For more information, visit the Chukars website at

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