In the Kitchen: Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Creamy sauce. Flaky crust. Scrumptious through and through.

Published online: Feb 20, 2018 Dining Jessica Hallam
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March is a very special month in our house because we get to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and this year it is our fifth. Holy cow does it go fast. As I was brainstorming ideas for this month I landed on one of our staples over these past five years, chicken pot pie. I’ve adapted it many ways and truthfully you can add pretty much anything into a creamy sauce and encase it in flaky crust and I would eat it. Feel free to add any combination of your favorite veggies and meat, to make it your own. Leftovers will last 1-2 days covered in the fridge.


4 stalks of celery, minced

3-4 carrots, peeled, minced

1 large yellow onion, minced

1/3c. butter

2 ¼ c. shredded chicken

1/3 c. all purpose flour

2 ½ c. chicken stock

¼ c. white wine, optional

½ c. heavy cream

3-4 cloves of garlic, minced

2-3 tbsp. fresh thyme, chopped or 1tsp. dried thyme

1-2 tbsp. fresh rosemary, chopped or ¾ tsp. dried rosemary

1-2 tsp. salt, or more to taste

1tsp. black pepper, or more to taste

Your favorite pie crust, or store bought

egg wash- 1 egg with 1tbsp. of water whisked together


  1. Make sure to mince all your vegetables. I use a food processor for this part.

  2. In a large sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat and sauté all of your vegetables for 3-5 minutes until they begin to soften.

  3. Add the flour to the vegetable mixture. Cook for 3-4 more minutes.

  4. Add the chicken stock and wine. Once thickened, add chicken, cream, garlic and seasonings. Check the filling. It should resemble a thick cream soup.

  5. Once the filling is cooked, place crust into your cooking dish. I used ceramic ramekins. Feel free to use a muffin tin or just one large pie tin.

  6. If using homemade crust, make sure to roll thin. If it is too thick the crust will puff up too much and overflow. Using a fork, poke holes into the crust.

  7. Place into baking dish and leave a small rim. Add filling. And cut out a circle and place over the top. Seal the edges.

  8. Cut slits into the top. Brush with egg wash. This step is important!

  9. Bake at 375 degrees for 25-35 minutes.


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