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Commemorative Air Force shows off its WWII B-25 Bomber

Published online: Aug 22, 2016 Articles, Family Fun Guide, Videos
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If you looked to the sky this breezy afternoon you may have seen a magnificent piece of history gracing our airspace, courtesy of the Commemorative Air Force out of Mesa, Ariz. The big bird in question is a vintage B-25J Mitchell Bomber dubbed “Maid in the Shade,” and will be on public exhibition at Idaho Falls Regional Airport Aug. 23-28 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tours are free, although a $5 donation is requested. For those looking to check off of big to-do on their life-long bucket list, “Living History Flights” start at $395 for the Waist Gunner area and $650 for the cockpit. As you might expect, seating is limited. 

To book a flight, call 480-322-5503 or send a note to 

Here at IFM, our own Chris Sheetz had the chance to take an advance ride with military veterans Verlin Lauder and Bob Jones, who filled her in on some of the particulars as she did her best to keep down her breakfast.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” she said. “It’s also quite a bit of history.” The plane took 28 years to restore, and has been flying again since 2009. “The details are amazing,” Sheetz added. “It even has a Rosie-the-Rivetor signature as well as everyone who worked on the plane.”

The display serves as a centerpiece of the Flying Legends of Victory Summer Air Show Tour. A complete tour schedule is available at


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